Know whats a bummer? Having some good sex then just not seeing that person for awhile. Not like anything happened between us, we just haven’t seen each other. Hmm. Until next time my friend, where we can pick up where we left off. You can put your hand on my throat and I can scratch you up again. oops?

i’m too naughty for being only 19… 

so like. i’m in one of those “I want to do a lot of blow” kinda moods. yeah

I think I have too many requirements for my so called “perfect guy”

Enjoy the same music (Big Gigantic, STS9, house & trance music, Fall Out Boy, Rob Zombie, etc.), be a snowboarder, don’t be an obnoxious/loud drunk, be taller then me, tattoo’s (either have them or like them), don’t be a “one-upper”, don’t be into wearing flip-flops, know what you’re doing in bed, isn’t a picky eater, not a gemini.

There’s more but I just can’t think of them all. lol. I’ll be alone forever

All this sex on tumblr….

*le sigh*

Keep telling myself to take a break. Space it out. Let it get special again. Too much of a good thing can ruin it. 

3 & 1/2 weeks it’s been. Not that long for some people. But for me, good lord, a life time. Thats bad isn’t it? oops

If I ever started getting asks from my followers I think i’d have a heart attack.

lolol but for real. are you guys like all dead? 

Looks like i’m guest listed at Chicago Mayhem Fest this weekend. I might even get to photograph some of it. 

Yay for cute boys doing nice things :)

Sexually frustrated even when I’ve recently had sex

Forever horny~

Awkward moment when I don’t smoke….

7 times whole life bitchez

im drunk, lovies. talk to me <3