Know whats a bummer? Having some good sex then just not seeing that person for awhile. Not like anything happened between us, we just haven’t seen each other. Hmm. Until next time my friend, where we can pick up where we left off. You can put your hand on my throat and I can scratch you up again. oops?

Summer Music Festivals

Lovie’s I would love to know which festivals you are all attending this summer that I will be at too! For me, its looking like these so far

  • EDC Chicago & Vegas
  • Spring Awakening Music Festival
  • Electric Forest

& my maybe festivals are….

  • Wavefront Music Festival
  • Northcoast Music Festival
  • Lollapalooza 

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I get these random urges to make kandi sometimes

I rarely ever wear it anymore, maybe a few of my favorite singles but thats it.

I do enjoy making it though, I have so many cuffs and stuff i’ve never even worn lol. But I’ve made most of the types of cuff’s I know of (Multi-stich, Basic 3D, Boxy, UFO, Cage, Epic, Phatty, X, Disk). Does anyone know of any other kinds of cuff’s I don’t know about? I’ve been doing my googling but nothing has stood out.

It be sweet if you could link me pictures/videos/etc! 

Also, semi-tempted to do an old fashion kandi trade via da interwebs (aka tumblr) lol anyone interested?